About Us

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Our mission is to provide consumers with a safe product made from all natural and organic ingredients that help to alleviate an array of ailments.

Natures Remedy contains all natural and organic ingredients formulated to help relieve severe and chronic pain in a natural and chemical free application that is safe for consumers. Hemp oil is the active ingredient in Natures Remedy.

Natures Remedy all-natural products are reasonably priced. Recognized as a premier distributor of products made with hemp oil, several attempts to clone our highly rated products have produced fake and deceitful sales to unassuming buyers. No other product provides the same organic high-quality ingredients found in Natures Remedy. Buyers beware that various sellers using the name Natures Remedy are fake, in an attempt to undermine our brand to help sell their sub-par products. Natures Remedy is one of few trusted suppliers on Amazon Prime. Natures Remedy does not charge a monthly subscription. Look for the Natures Remedy stamp and label on all products which include:

  • Natures Remedy Elite Cooling Gel 100 MG Hemp Extract (2oz)
  • Natures Remedy Elite Warming Lotion 100 MG Hemp Extract (2oz)
  • Natures Remedy Vape Cartridge 150 MG Hemp Extract
  • Natures Remedy Vape Cartridge 150 MG/510 Battery 280 mah Combo
  • Natures Remedy Vape Cartridge Battery & Charger 280 mAh 510


Natures Remedy Rated #1 In Brazil

Natures Remedy is proudly rated #1 in Brazil making us the #1 seller in South America. Natures Remedy products contain 100% organic ingredients with no fillers or by-products. Natures Remedy is Made in America.